Dimensions: Width: 8′3″ - Length 10′1″  ( dimensions in feet ) 


Note: ( all rugs are hand made , please allow 10 weeks for delivery ) 


Hand knotted with wool, natural silk and a variety of exotic yarn, this item represents a collaboration between the work of celebrated modern artist Gianni Lee with Rug & Kilim’s custom collection, as well as one of the team’s most ambitious approaches to luxury rug making in the industry. Recapturing Lee’s tribal social commentary and his distinct, bold aesthetic inspired from hieroglyphs in a new medium, the silk’s natural sheen lures the eye to the vibrant blue and pink skeletal pictorials surrounding the arresting scene of anxiety and conflict, set fabulously against a texturally soft beige open field allowing the equally rich red and brown hues to pop in splendid juxtaposition. The stylistically masterful linework and sense of frantic movement comes to life in this unprecedented, large-scale approach and refinement unique to our team, seeking to honor the many-fasciated conversation and cultural exploration of Lee’s acclaimed work. 

"The Great War" - Hand-woven Rug