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Gianni Blass Lee is a Visual Artist , Music Producer , International DJ and fashion designer who started gaining popularity through the viral successes of various mixtape series he curated. These garnered the attention of important industry voices such as Interview Magazine, Hypebeast, Pitchfork & L.A. Times. Since then Gianni has gone on to work closely with Hennessy VSOP, Nike and Kenneth Cole to create content bringing viewers into his world of Music, Art & Fashion.


Lee uses painting as a language to tell the story of a people fighting for their home and their existence. This story takes place in a distant dystopian future. His canvas and color choices are a platform for him to express inner-feelings on issues he can’t put into words. He tells stories that speak about social issues in America and abroad.


Gianni’s unique approach to music has created an opportunity to craft his own blend of progressive melodies and live instrumentation into the the more uptempo Bmore/Philly club genres. Gianni takes a fresh approach to music; using his minimalist ideology, he strips down many of the known "club" sounds while experimenting with elements of Hardstyle, Grime, Techno, and R&B. While the self-made DJ/Producer finds so many ways to manipulate sound, he also credits his fashion brand Babylon Cartel and his paintings for their influence on his unique style.